Boomu means together and this describes the purpose of the group: to work together for our mutual benefit and the benefit of our communities. 

Boomu Women’s Group is located 13 miles from Masindi on the edge of the Murchison Falls National Park; Uganda’s largest national park. We are a member of the Ugandan Community Tourism Association (UCOTA).



Find us

You will find us on the road to Murchison Falls National Park, a few hundred yards to the side of the park entrance, 8km Site eco-tourism Kanyo Padibi chimpanzee. The multitude of trees, shrubs, flowers, birds and butterflies that surround us offer a quiet location, and a relaxing atmopshere.


Immersion in Ugandan culture

We offer an opportunity to meet the people your stay will directly benefit, gain an insight into their lives and the issues that affect them, experience life in rural Uganda and learn about how your stay will benefit them.

Discover a unique lifestyle

We have a community tourism project offering bandas, camping, showers and toilets. You will find us on the road to Murchison Falls National Park, just a few hundred yards ahead of the park entrance, 8 kilometers from the Kaniyo Pabidi chimpanzee eco-tourist viewing site. The many trees, shrubs, flowers, birds and butterflies we have gives our site a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. The site enjoys the best of both worlds, seclusion and accessibility.

We have a craft shop with a variety of crafts. We would be delighted to show you how our crafts are made and teach you how to make your own basket. We also offer food and drinks which combined with our facilities making us an ideal place for stopovers, day trips from Masindi and picnics.

Feel free to browse the rest of the website to learn more about us, our project and community tourism. We hope that you will consider visiting us as part of your trip to Murchison Falls National Park and Masindi.

Boomu Women’s Group : At the heart of Uganda

The Boomu Women’s Group is at the heart of Uganda, a country located in East Africa. It is considered part of the African Great Lakes. The Oiganda takes its name from the ancient kingdom of Buganda, which once covered the southernmost regions, including the capital and largest city of the country Kampala.

Uganda is a country that wants to preserve his land. Indeed, the country has 60 protected areas, including 10 national parks (the Murchisons Falls is one of them).
It is also a country that has the highest fertility rate with 6 children per woman. In 2012, Uganda had 34 million inhabitants.

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